Visitor Experience & Grokvibe

Every day, young people enter their schools, afterschools, libraries or other places of learning. When there, educators expect for them to have a wonderful, fantastic time and, ultimately, acquire some useful knowledge as part of the adventure. Knowing what learners thought of their experience is important.

Did they have a good time? Were their relationships with educators, youth development professionals or instructors positive, professional and supportive? Did they enjoy the environment?

We’ve build Grokvibe because their answer to these questions (and others like them) illustrates the larger outcome they’ll have. If they enjoyed the environment, or staff were friendly, they’ll be more likely to return and therefore more likely to learn something new. Or, if you can discover that some of them aren’t feeling energetic or happy today, perhaps it’s because something happened somewhere else — and you can dig to learn what that was.

Ultimately, we’ve brought you Grokvibe because we want for you to have a simple, highly effective tool to understand your visitors’ experience. Please, use it to build the best experience you can.