Tablet Stand Recommendations

Tablet Stand Criteria

A tablet stand can be purchased for as little as $20. Plan to spend between $70 and $250 for your stand, as the least expensive stands may be unstable, poorly built and lack anti-theft protections.

Floor-standing, counter-mounted or wall-mounted

Find a visible, high-traffic and obvious location for your survey, ideally situated near a power source. Device stands typically come in three varieties: floor-standing, counter-mounted or wall-mounted. Some stands may be converted between one format and other, e.g,. a floor-standing model might dissemble into a counter-mounted unit as well. For floor-standing and counter-mounted units, pay attention to the base size and/or mounting requirements.

Device/screen-size compatibility

Ensure you select a stand compatible with your device. Inexpensive devices, such as Galaxy Tab Tablets, are perfect companions for this application.


Device home button access


Does the device allow users to access the home button or other controls, or can you prevent unauthorized access to device software?

Plastic, aluminum or steel

Consider the construction of the unit. Steel and aluminum are much stronger than plastic, though can be more expensive.

Device securely locked

We strongly recommend ensuring your device stand provides a method to securely lock the device to the stand to prevent theft.

Device power or not

Some stands, including many inexpensive stands, do not provide options for power connection. The highest-quality stands will provide attractive power options but high cables from users’ view.

Landscape, portrait or both

Ensure you select a stand that provides both landscape and portrait options. Some stands may not provide this flexibility.